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SMM CI Community Overview

SMM CI Community Overview

What is CI Community

Our CIs

CI community serve as a platform that projects, programs, cooperatives, and collaborative of prospective or experienced CI that support the on-going education of other CI combines many kind of activities, knowledge sharing, event whom specifically designed for the Course Instructors.

This platform enables new and experienced course instructor who come together over time for the purpose of, regaining new information considering previous knowledge and beliefs, and building on their own and others' ideas and experiences in order to work on a specific agenda intended to improve practice and other educational settings.

Conceptually, you will found that CI community refers to an intellectual space as much as it designates a particular group of people and, sometimes, a physical location. In this sense, communities are the intellectual, social, and organizational configurations that support teachers' ongoing professional growth by providing opportunities for teachers to think, talk, read, and write about their daily work, including its larger social, cultural, and political contexts in planned and intentional ways.