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What is SMM?

What is SMM?

  • What is SMM

Conceptually, Super Memory Map™ is a graphical representation of memory for the brain to remodel systematically, structurally and functionally the results of cognitive experience. The dimensions of Super Memory Map™ learning and development are collectively, categorised as the SMM Formula 1 – 10 framework.

The seven-steps (SQ4RM) mapping process starts with the creation of one central image to represent all the information we need to remember. From this central image, branches will be added at the ‘immediate locations’ to properly link all pieces of information together with their relationship clearly illustrated. In other words, all the information and ideas are ‘mnemonically’ arranged in such a manner that they can be remembered by a single glance. Thus, Super Memory Map™ learning trains the students to think creatively and critically.

Super Memory Map™ can be used to enhance the memory power of students. It has been recognised as a powerful learning tool which benefits the students in every subjects from kindergarten till secondary school. Through Super Memory Map™ education, students are able to remember and recall important facts for essay writings and problems solving. At SMM Academy, Super Memory Map™ learning and development is sequenced as a nine-modules programme.